Welcome to the Kamloops Public Market Cooperative

I have posted a few blogs over the past year. Ordinarily I take a couple of hours to consider the topic, organize my thoughts, backspace here and there and finally come up with some interesting words. Tonight however, I’m too excited for all that and simply wish to invite and welcome readers to the Kamloops Public Market Cooperative blog and provide a synopsis of who we are and what we’re all about. Going forward I/we hope to provide more insight about the project and perhaps start a dialogue.

Dieter Dudy, Rick Duggan and Gregg Lindros sat together on Dudy's porch sometime during the summer of 2017 lamenting the loss of a similar project due to lack of capital startup funds and wondered if another model would have better success.  After some research, they determined a cooperative model may well be the solution and set out to work within this framework.  As a director for a local credit union (a financial cooperative), the fourth member, me, Daphane Nelson, heard about the project and asked if there was any way to help.  The four of us have been meeting regularly since February 2018.

As defined by the BC Cooperative Association, cooperatives take an ethical, sustainable approach to business by considering not only the economic impacts of their activities, but also their social/cultural and environmental impacts.  This resonates with our group as the Kamloops Public Market Cooperative intends to be more than a marketplace for goods and services.  The vision is to reinstall the confluence of the rivers as a community-gathering place for Kamloopsians while providing commerce activities to support local businesses.

The Kamloops Public Market Cooperative was incorporated on August 20, 2018 as a community service cooperative with the following purpose as per the Memorandum of Association: The purpose of the Association is to provide a public amenity by establishing, administering and maintaining a multi-use public market and community recreational facility in the form of a Community Service Cooperative in Kamloops, British Columbia.

A Kamloops Public Market Cooperative membership drive is slated for Fall 2018 and will prove a good indication of public support for the project both philosophically and financially.

Stay tuned for more information about the Kamloops Public Market Cooperative, Cooperatives in general and anything else that we can think of that might be interesting!