The Importance of Public Markets

This news story from a Lehigh Valley (PA) blog eloquently describes the importance of Public Markets....

As we discovered in our post ‘Great Places and Where to Find Them,’ not all great public spaces are parks.  With the recent opening of the Easton Public Market, this truth is made clear.  This being so, it seems high time we explored one of the most exciting forms of public space, the public market.

Public markets are in many ways, a fundamental building block of societal complexity.  They are the original public spaces. Public markets have been bringing people together from the ancient Roman Forum to today’s Pikes Place Market.  As soon as hunter-gatherers abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and came together in settled society, human kind has had public markets.  Before we had parks and city squares we had markets.  So it is no surprise that they are so valued by our communities today.  The Project for Public Spaces has shown that public markets have a transformative affect on the cities they call home.   PPS demonstrates that public markets link and stimulate rural and urban economies, promote public health, revitalize downtowns, create active public space, and bring together people of diverse racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds.  With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the world’s leading public markets.

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